Less paper, more trees: doubly sustainable

Digitize your invoice management with CANDIS now. For every new customer we plant a tree together with the PLANT-MY-TREE® foundation.

"As a company, it is our responsibility to inspire change. We need to take the first step towards a better future. This is where we can make a difference. That's why, in celebration of Earth Day 2021, we planted a tree for each of our employees. We will expand our forest in the future with every new employee, customer and partner."

Christian Ritosek & Christopher Becker, Co-Founders and CEOs of CANDIS

More sustainability through digital invoice management

More trees are taken care of - all that's missing is less paper through digitization.
With CANDIS you can significantly reduce the number of your paper invoices. Instead of producing, printing and sending a paper invoice, a invoice can simply be uploaded and read out at the click of a mouse. It is precisely this life cycle of a paper invoice that provides information on why it is worthwhile to digitalise your invoice management.

The life cycle of a paper invoice

The invoice takes a long way: This way starts in the printer. Next, the invoice is put into an envelope, often with a plastic cover. Then it is sent as a single package to the next city. Once it arrives, it goes through a variety of departments collecting signatures. And finally, once the amount is paid, it can settle in for years - and sometimes remain in a storage bin for decades.
Paper bills don't look good with their carbon footprint either.

Watch our video on this here:

This is how many pages of paper customers have already saved by digitizing their invoices since the beginning of the year.

Green Digital: Shaping digitalization sustainably

Accounting is digitized. Time for the next step towards sustainability. Because digital does not automatically mean sustainable, there are some aspects you have to pay attention to.
Digital infrastructure is important. However, energy-intensive digital products consume a lot of energy. More energy means more carbon. However, this is only part of the question you should ask yourself. The other aspect is: where does the energy for your servers come from? From coal-fired power plants, wind farms, or solar panels? With us, you don't have to worry about servers because our servers run on 100% renewable energy.

What we at CANDIS have done so far

We welcome new ideas on how we can strengthen sustainability. Contact us for ideas!

Our servers run on 100% renewable energy via AWS Frankfurt.

As a company, we prefer to travel by train rather than by plane.

We love our office recycling system and separate our trash in four bins.

50% of our hardware is bought used.

We support working from a home office and reduced travel to our office.

The topic "sustainability" in the CANDIS blog

Want to learn more?
Read our blog articles on sustainability now:

"Finally, we are working 100% digitally. No more printing out invoice . A quick glance at CANDIS gives me an overview of where a invoice is in the process at any time."

Maria Skoczowsky

Accounting Manager

"What is also always completely underestimated is the fact that those who can share invoices are often on the road a lot. In CANDIS, they can log in from any location and directly share all invoices ."

Martin Passenheim

accounting manager

"CANDIS is much faster than the solutions we tried before. Uploading, capturing and assigning a invoice is now done in a minute."

Susanne Wendt

Commercial Director and Senior Manager

"We have connected six companies to the software and a total of around 50 employees work with CANDIS. Therefore, multi-client capability was an absolute must for us."

Ilka Sieler

office manager

"Whether SME or start-up, I would definitely recommend CANDIS to others. We have done our research on various accounting tools and think that there is no better provider on the German market."

Martins Laucis

product manager

"Cost centers were especially important to us. We wanted them and they were installed. That was really great."

Saif Hamed

Managing Director

"For me CANDIS stands for a high degree of automation! Your claim is clear: It can always be improved. We are already twice as fast as before!

Philipp Hammerich

Managing Director

"CANDIS is very easy to understand. Even new employees find their way around quickly. I can do everything myself and don't have to invest extra money for another provider."

Julia Jansen

senior finance manager

"As an accountant, I just appreciate CANDIS for automating & simplifying the approval process and having the invoices back quickly with all the info to post."

Christina Bagli


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